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Zend_Date::addArpa ( date,
locale = null 

Adds a RFC 822 date to the date object. ARPA messages are used in emails or HTTP Headers. Only RFC 822 compilant date strings are accepted. For example: Sat, 14 Feb 09 00:31:30 +0100 Returned is the new date object

string | integer | Zend_Date$dateRFC 822 Date to add
string | Zend_Locale$localeOPTIONAL Locale for parsing input
integer|Zend_Date new date

Definition at line 3147 of file Date.php.

References _calcvalue().

        return $this->_calcvalue('add', $date, 'arpa', self::RFC_822, $locale);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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