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Zend_Date::addDate ( date,
format = null,
locale = null 

Adds a date to the existing date object. Format defines how to parse the date string. If only parts are given the other parts are set to 0. If no format is given, the standardformat of this locale is used. For example: MM.dd.YYYY -> 10 -> +10 months

string | integer | array | Zend_Date$dateDate to add
string$formatOPTIONAL Date format for parsing input
string | Zend_Locale$localeOPTIONAL Locale for parsing input
Zend_Date new date

Definition at line 2978 of file Date.php.

References _date().

        return $this->_date('add', $date, $format, $locale);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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