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Zend_Dojo_Form Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __call ($method, $args)
 __clone ()
 __construct ($options=null)
 __get ($name)
 __isset ($name)
 __set ($name, $value)
 __toString ()
 __unset ($name)
 addAttribs (array $attribs)
 addDecorator ($decorator, $options=null)
 addDecorators (array $decorators)
 addDisplayGroup (array $elements, $name, $options=null)
 addDisplayGroupPrefixPath ($prefix, $path)
 addDisplayGroupPrefixPaths (array $spec)
 addDisplayGroups (array $groups)
 addElement ($element, $name=null, $options=null)
 addElementPrefixPath ($prefix, $path, $type=null)
 addElementPrefixPaths (array $spec)
 addElements (array $elements)
 addError ($message)
 addErrorMessage ($message)
 addErrorMessages (array $messages)
 addErrors (array $messages)
 addPrefixPath ($prefix, $path, $type=null)
 addPrefixPaths (array $spec)
 addSubForm (Zend_Form $form, $name, $order=null)
 addSubForms (array $subForms)
 clearAttribs ()
 clearDecorators ()
 clearDisplayGroups ()
 clearElements ()
 clearErrorMessages ()
 clearSubForms ()
 count ()
 createElement ($type, $name, $options=null)
 current ()
 filterName ($value, $allowBrackets=false)
 getAction ()
 getAttrib ($key)
 getAttribs ()
 getDecorator ($name)
 getDecorators ()
 getDefaultDisplayGroupClass ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayGroup ($name)
 getDisplayGroups ()
 getElement ($name)
 getElements ()
 getElementsBelongTo ()
 getEnctype ()
 getErrorMessages ()
 getErrors ($name=null)
 getFullyQualifiedName ()
 getId ()
 getLegend ()
 getMessages ($name=null, $suppressArrayNotation=false)
 getMessages ()
 getMethod ()
 getName ()
 getOrder ()
 getPluginLoader ($type=null)
 getSubForm ($name)
 getSubForms ()
 getTranslator ()
 getUnfilteredValue ($name)
 getUnfilteredValues ()
 getValidValues ($data)
 getValue ($name)
 getValues ($suppressArrayNotation=false)
 getView ()
 init ()
 isArray ()
 isErrors ()
 isValid ($data)
 isValidPartial (array $data)
 key ()
 loadDefaultDecorators ()
 loadDefaultDecoratorsIsDisabled ()
 markAsError ()
 next ()
 persistData ()
 populate (array $values)
 processAjax (array $data)
 removeAttrib ($key)
 removeDecorator ($name)
 removeDisplayGroup ($name)
 removeElement ($name)
 removeSubForm ($name)
 render (Zend_View_Interface $view=null)
 reset ()
 rewind ()
 setAction ($action)
 setAttrib ($key, $value)
 setAttribs (array $attribs)
 setConfig (Zend_Config $config)
 setDecorators (array $decorators)
 setDefault ($name, $value)
 setDefaultDisplayGroupClass ($class)
 setDefaults (array $defaults)
 setDescription ($value)
 setDisableLoadDefaultDecorators ($flag)
 setDisableTranslator ($flag)
 setDisplayGroupDecorators (array $decorators)
 setDisplayGroups (array $groups)
 setElementDecorators (array $decorators, array $elements=null, $include=true)
 setElementFilters (array $filters)
 setElements (array $elements)
 setElementsBelongTo ($array)
 setEnctype ($value)
 setErrorMessages (array $messages)
 setErrors (array $messages)
 setIsArray ($flag)
 setLegend ($value)
 setMethod ($method)
 setName ($name)
 setOptions (array $options)
 setOrder ($index)
 setPluginLoader (Zend_Loader_PluginLoader_Interface $loader, $type=null)
 setSubFormDecorators (array $decorators)
 setSubForms (array $subForms)
 setTranslator ($translator=null)
 setView (Zend_View_Interface $view=null)
 translatorIsDisabled ()
 valid ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDefaultTranslator ()
static setDefaultTranslator ($translator=null)

Public Attributes

const ENCTYPE_MULTIPART = 'multipart/form-data'
const ENCTYPE_URLENCODED = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
const METHOD_DELETE = 'delete'
const METHOD_GET = 'get'
const METHOD_POST = 'post'
const METHOD_PUT = 'put'

Protected Member Functions

 _addDisplayGroupObject (Zend_Form_DisplayGroup $group, $name=null)
 _attachToArray ($value, $arrayPath)
 _dissolveArrayValue ($value, $arrayPath)
 _getArrayName ($value)
 _getDecorator ($name, $options)
 _getErrorMessages ()
 _loadDecorator (array $decorator, $name)
 _setElementsBelongTo ($name=null)
 _sort ()

Protected Attributes

 $_attribs = array()
 $_decorators = array()
 $_defaultDisplayGroupClass = 'Zend_Form_DisplayGroup'
 $_disableLoadDefaultDecorators = false
 $_displayGroupPrefixPaths = array()
 $_displayGroups = array()
 $_elementPrefixPaths = array()
 $_elements = array()
 $_errorMessages = array()
 $_errorsExist = false
 $_errorsForced = false
 $_isArray = false
 $_loaders = array()
 $_methods = array('delete', 'get', 'post', 'put')
 $_order = array()
 $_orderUpdated = false
 $_subFormPrefixPaths = array()
 $_subForms = array()
 $_translatorDisabled = false

Static Protected Attributes

static $_translatorDefault

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file Form.php.

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