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Zend_Locale Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($locale=null)
 __toString ()
 equals (Zend_Locale $object)
 getLanguage ()
 getRegion ()
 serialize ()
 setLocale ($locale=null)
 toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static clearCache ()
static disableCache ($flag)
static findLocale ($locale=null)
static getBrowser ()
static getCache ()
static getCountryTranslation ($value, $locale=null)
static getCountryTranslationList ($locale=null)
static getDefault ()
static getEnvironment ()
static getHttpCharset ()
static getLanguageTranslation ($value, $locale=null)
static getLanguageTranslationList ($locale=null)
static getLocaleList ()
static getOrder ($order=null)
static getQuestion ($locale=null)
static getScriptTranslation ($value, $locale=null)
static getScriptTranslationList ($locale=null)
static getTerritoryTranslation ($value, $locale=null)
static getTerritoryTranslationList ($locale=null)
static getTranslation ($value=null, $path=null, $locale=null)
static getTranslationList ($path=null, $locale=null, $value=null)
static hasCache ()
static isLocale ($locale, $strict=false, $compatible=true)
static removeCache ()
static setCache (Zend_Cache_Core $cache)
static setDefault ($locale, $quality=1)

Public Attributes

const BROWSER = 'browser'
const ENVIRONMENT = 'environment'
const ZFDEFAULT = 'default'

Static Public Attributes

static $compatibilityMode = false

Protected Attributes


Static Protected Attributes

static $_auto
static $_browser
static $_default = array('en' => true)
static $_environment

Static Private Member Functions

static _prepareLocale ($locale, $strict=false)
static _prepareQuestionString ($input)

Static Private Attributes

static $_breakChain = false
static $_localeData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file Locale.php.

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